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Women's shoes to wear with jeans

Jeans to be so used always in any of its styles, every time a new model or fashion with jeans comes out we women wonder if it is okay to wear jeans with shoes, undoubtedly the jean is a garment that never goes out of fashion because it stylizes the body with comfort and ease to combine it with other garments, but, it is necessary to know what shoes are best to combine a jean. This article will help you and show you how to wear jeans with women’s shoes.

Shoes to wear with jeans

The debate of whether or not to wear jeans with shoes no longer makes sense, pairing high heels or elegant shoes with jeans is one of the most common practices, whether skinny jeans, decorated, ripped, mom jeans or other type, there will always be a shoe that fits any of these garments, adapting to styles, personalities and moods, so being on a trip, at a work meeting, party or dinner with friends, the shoes will create an impression of style. There are many ways to combine them, some of them very formal, others a little juvenile. 

We bring you a guide on how to wear jeans with shoes, and in which moments so you don’t hesitate the next time you have to use this infallible combination. 

We bring you some rules to follow for this kind of outfit of shoes with jeans for women:

  • Show your ankles: Whatever the jean, it is essential that your ankles remain bare, using skinny jeans, making a double at the bottom, or using one a little shorter than usual.
  • Hemming at the bottom: Nude shoes in sandals or stilettos, can be one of the best formal combinations for these styles, a good trick is to use a hem at the bottom separating the jean to highlight these shoes.
  • Nude Sandals: The effect generated by these types of shoes is highly sexual, that is why they are more recommended for night outings, or occasions that do not require so much seriousness, such as a business meeting or with bosses.
  • Buy combinable colors: Although they can be used in any color, shoes are easier to combine with any garment if they are classic colors, such as black, brown or dark blue. This allows you to reuse the shoes in a better way, and it does not depend on the garment you will wear.

Jeans with women's dress shoes

To use in situations that require a more formal outfit, whether for a business meeting, a business trip or a dinner with in-laws, your infallible combination is jeans with high heels, stilletos shoes with jeans or sandals with heels will make you look taller, stylized and formal.

For a serious expression use dark shades of jeans, without rips or decorations, using dark tones both in the jean and in the combination of the overall outfit, a dark jean with a black t-shirt or shirt will make this job very easy for you.

jeans con zapatos

The top can be accompanied by a dark blazer or sweater, always following a line that complies with the formal.

To break with the structure, you can use accessories of colored metals such as gold and silver, giving a brightness perhaps somewhat necessary in such dark tones, using it in your bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Finally, the inevitable wallet can be used in contrasting colors or continue with the line of dark colors, if you want to show joviality in the details, we recommend strong colors like the pink shown in the image, white, or light pastels, in cases where you need to maintain the seriousness is recommended dark colors like black or bright blue, or simple brown leather without dyeing.


Jeans with moccasins shoes for women

While jeans with ruffles or decorations on the bottom is very combinable with high heels, we can turn this outfit into an occasional one for the day to day. Therefore the best shoes to wear with jeans are flat shoes like moccasins, as this last type of shoes is becoming more and more in trend and is increasingly used with various garments, if you were thinking of buying a pair of moccasins, the coming seasons are the perfect time.

In these outfits the use of jeans with the lower part decorated, either with a double, with a ruffle, frayed, or in retro style, the moccasins adapt perfectly to each of these garments.

Jeans and shoes

The combination par excellence of a jean with a frayed bottom is with mules or open moccasins, since the jean could offer an effect of wear not so desired if it is not well combined.

The mules or open moccasins are a type of shoe that has entered much in trend in the last season, and are widely recommended for the not so cold days, very combinable with all types of style. without a doubt a very good option to acquire.

This gallery shows the trend in the combination of frayed pants at the bottom with mules, try it yourself!


Borcegos are one of the favorite shoes to wear in winter, that’s why they go perfect with all our jeans, whether they are wide, tight, blue or black. They go perfectly with all t-shirts, sweaters, shirts and jackets.

Jeans with high shoes

If you are looking for how to combine a flared jean, it is undoubtedly with pointed shoes, as this fine at the end of your shoes will highlight the little that remains in sight, in these cases it is not advisable to use open toe shoes as it would only allow to see the tip of the fingers and is something that is best avoided, in turn, short or closed shoes will not get to see and not reflect the shoe.

The images reflect the use of pointed toe shoes with flared jeans, which are undoubtedly the best option for this style. ® - 2021