Different body shapes women

There are 5 types of body shapes, find out which one is yours and how to dress it!

Our body is unique, with its own characteristics that give us an infinite range of possibilities when choosing what to wear or what to use in each occasion. That is why the basis and the beginning of any decision is to know what type of woman’s body we have to start from there to what suits us best and allows us to show off our figure in the best way.

different female body shapes

Taking into account that the variables that define our body are the shoulders, bust, waist and hips, I suggest that you take the measurement of the contour of each of them, in order to determine what your silhouette is, with the help of our explanation we recommend you to write down the measurements you have taken for the next step, the differentiation of women’s body shapes.

Where to measure yourself to know your female body?

 1. Shoulders: Shoulder width should be measured, from the back side.

2. Chest: Take the measurements of the bust contour without modifying its natural shape, as tightly as possible.

3. Waist: The third measurement you need is the waist circumference, at its narrowest point.

4. Hip: You should measure the circumference at its widest point.

5. Tail: You need to measure the contour of the tail, and the contour below it.

women body shape types

The solution does not lie in miracle diets but in knowing how to choose the garment that best suits us and highlights our body with its natural forms. The dress is undoubtedly the most versatile garment. However, not all of them work in the same way on our figure. There are as many types of dresses as there are women’s bodies. The most important thing is that you know how to recognize what suits me according to the type of body that the woman has.

Female body shape chart

Beyond the fact that the decision on what to wear belongs to each one, I bring you some good advice based on the study of the proportions and shapes of the female body.

Once you have written down all your measurements, we bring you the results of your measurements to advise you on which garments to wear for each body type:

– If your shoulder or bust measurement is 5% larger than your hip measurement, your body type is inverted triangle.

– When your shoulder and hip measurements are similar, i.e. there is no more than a 5% difference between them, and your waist measurement is 25% less than them, your body type is hourglass.

– If the extension of your hips is about 5% greater than the measurement of your shoulders or chest, your body type is triangular or pear-shaped.

– If your shoulders and hips have similar measurements and the difference with your waist is at most 25%, then your body shape is rectangular.

– Your abdomen is about 10% larger than your shoulder and hip measurements, if your silhouette is oval or apple.

FEMALE BODY SHAPES and how to dress

Surely you have already identified your body type!, as we said, dressing well has nothing to do with miracle diets or being born with a specific body, the important thing is to know our advantages and disadvantages when choosing clothes, and thus enhance or hide them, no doubt the following tips will make you look amazing whatever your physical complexion of woman.


Inverted triangle body shape female

In this condition the body type stands out for having a greater proportion in the upper part determined by the width of the shoulders and back in relation to the hips; where the legs tend to be thin and have no volume in the buttocks.

Here the key is to look for more looseness in the torso, generating asymmetrical cuts at the top. Something fundamental is to give a lot of volume in the lower hip area with ruffles, prints, glitter and sequins. If you are going to wear pants, make sure they have side pockets and are straight cut. It will also be useful to create overlapping garments at the bottom.

Very rigid garments at the top or with horizontal lines or shoulder pads will not help to provide your body, so you should avoid them.

How to dress an inverted triangle body


It is very important to avoid shoulder pads or rigid garments at the top.


Ruffles at the bottom are great for adding volume to the bottom.


Use straight cut pants and pockets to add thickness to the side of the legs.


The overlapping at the bottom will also add volume and make your body more symmetrical.


The garments that you should pay attention to if you have an inverted triangle body are those of the lower part, since they can help you to give the illusion of wider or bigger legs and will generate harmony to your body in general. Here are some garments that can help you.

Weft and ruffled skirt

Ruffled and woven garments at the bottom create the reverse illusion of the inverted triangle, widening the hips in style.

Welsh weave ruffled skirt

Prince of Welsh weaves never go out of style, wear them with ruffles at the bottom and with irregular cuts on your inverted triangle body.

Straight cut pants with button

The straight cut in the pants widens the lower part of our body, use it on occasions when you need to wear pants.

Straight cut pants black

The straight cut black pants are the basic garment par excellence for women with inverted triangle body type, get one of them!


Hourglass body shape female

This body type stands out for being a proportionate body between shoulders and hips, with a very marked waist.

For this body type, you should highlight the figure using v-necklines. It is important that if you are going to generate volume, it should be both at the top and at the bottom so as not to lose the proportion of your figure. 

Being a harmonious body shape, respecting the natural proportions and always marking the waist is easy to find clothes that fit well.  The fundamental question will go through other issues such as build, height and the relationship between the length of the torso and legs, where you must follow the same premise, compensate and balance the shapes of your body.



Avoid loose-fitting garments that don’t show off your figure, choose coats with martingale and narrow at the waist.


The V-neckline is the best ally of the hourglass body, do not hesitate to use it.


When wearing pants, choose a straight cut to lengthen the figure of the watch.


Use bodycon dresses, with textures in the central area to highlight even more the waist.

Buy clothes for hourglass body

If your body is hourglass, it is best to use clothes that highlight the waist either with fabrics, fitted or prints, here are some tips on dresses that will make you look your hourglass figure.

Dress with bodycon waist

Show off your narrow waist with a sash dress that shows off your hourglass body and wear it for evening events with high heels.

Printed skirt dress

It is important to highlight the waist and the beginning of it, as shown in this model, the floral texture helps you to show off the waist in the best way.

Bodycon dress with high waist

Use bodycon dresses in dark colors to offer an alternative that is not so formal, but can be used for casual events.

Printed high skirt dress

Mark the end of your bust with a change of texture or weave in your dress, also using cleavage to highlight your bust and show off your hourglass body perfectly.


Triangle or pear-shaped body

The main characteristic of this body type is that the shoulders are narrower than the hips, there are more proportions in the lower part of the body. Your waist is well defined, with a small bust and wide legs.

What garments flatter this body type? Those that have the strength at the top to balance it with the bottom. There are many ways to achieve this, focus on prints, light colors and v-necklines on blouses, shirts and t-shirts. Use flared or flared cuts for skirts and dresses. If you opt for straight or semi-oxford pants.

It is key that your upper garments go above your hip line and overlap your lower garments.

To conceal the lower part of your silhouette, I recommend dark colors and look for monochrome shoes to stylize. Avoid giving volume to the lower body, for example with large belts, ruffles, pockets, tulle or pleats, wide jeans and large prints. Tight-fitting and straight dresses are not recommended.

How to dress a triangle or pear shape


Avoid very large belts in the hip area, as you will draw attention to the wrong part of the body.


Stamps should always be on the upper part of the body, never on the lower part.


When wearing dresses, choose those that are flared.


Use the upper garments over the lower garments.

Buy garments for pear or triangle body type

If you already recognized your body type and is square, we want to recommend for your body the cool dresses for the middle and warmer seasons, choose printed dresses flared or plain for more formal occasions will undoubtedly make your body is stylized in an incredible way, here are some recommendations to buy on amazon.


The floral prints help to stylize the body along with the flared body to the pear or inverted triangle.


Short flared dresses will make a more seductive style allowing you to wear it both at night with dress shoes and with sneakers during the day.

Flared dress dress with sash

The girdle further stylizes the figure as it delimits the dimension of the legs with the waist, it can be used formally with high heeled shoes.

Printed flared dress

Prints are being used a lot, don’t be left out in this fashion that is about to make history, get a printed flared dress.


rectangle body shape female

This body type stands out for being a proportionate body, where the focus should be on marking the waist and generating angles.

For this body type, you should use v-necklines, light and airy fabrics, with some draping detail and those containing diagonal stripes to create an illusion in the waist area. The empire cut and bias cut are the most suitable for your figure. It is important not to lose the proportion between your upper and lower body.

Do not opt for very tight or fitted dress formats. Avoid strapless strapless tops, as they will make you look squarer. 

How to dress a rectangular body


Strapless is not recommended, as it will make you look squarer.


Using horizontal motifs helps to generate an optical illusion at your waist.


The deep neckline will draw attention to the area we want to highlight, the waist.


A great ally of rectangular bodies is the empire cut.

Buy dresses for rectangular body

As we already told you, dresses with deep neckline or empire cut are your best ally if you have a rectangular body. That’s why we bring you some recommendations so you can buy the perfect dress for your body.

White imperial cut dress

This dress has two features that the rectangular body type should take advantage of, the empire cut sash and the deep v-neckline.

Deep v-neck floral dress

Use whenever possible dresses with a deep neckline and waist to the body to generate an optical illusion with the skin to avoid a rectangular body.

Dark red imperial cut dress

Without any doubt, I chose colors such as navy blue or navy blue in empire cut, to generate the hourglass body and look completely elegant.

Deep v-neck printed dress

This dress can be worn for any daytime event and features a deep v-neckline that is highly recommended for rectangular body types.


Oval or apple body shape female

This silhouette is based on not having straight lines and less waist. That is why your goal should be to look for an optical effect that slims the wider shape of your body.

To achieve this, use garments that follow the shape of the body with the right waist and a rigid textile. Where the upper garments have deep necklines and shoulder pads. Use long jackets and jackets. For pants use those cut to the hip and straight. A type of party dress that will help you to stylize your figure is the empire cut. For which the length of the dress should be below the knee line and A-shaped.

Avoid those garments that are tight or tight with many details in the middle of your body and that narrow to your hips; as well as not to opt for garments that contain horizontal lines, bows or belts.



The hipster pants enhance negative features of our body.


The use of horizontal stripes on the upper part emphasizes the abdominal area.


The flared dress, or with a wide bottom, helps us to conceal the figure.


Shoulder pads and necklines help to generate structure on top, you can use these elements in several layers.

Buy clothes for flared or oval apple body type

Oval or apple-shaped bodies have to generate an inverted triangle illusion at the top, that’s why the following garments are the ones that can help you stylize your curvy figure and make you look perfect!

Dress with waist sash

The dress for the curved body is with sash, it uses wefts in the men’s part and ruffles or pleats in the lower part with dark colors.

Dress with sash and v-neckline

Also implement v-necklines for dresses remembering to always keep the sash at the waist, and wefts at the top.

Blazer with Welsh shoulder pads

Use warm garments with shoulder pads and wefts; it is not advisable to use linear wefts and soft fabric garments that follow the body.

Empire cut dress with v-neckline

Flared dresses with a sash at the waist and V-neckline are the perfect dress for the pear body, use them with high heel shoes to stylize the legs.

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