How to combine color in pants

Pants are one of the basic and essential garments of our closet, which allows us to create many different looks. However, when it comes to putting together our outfit, we are faced with the following question: How to combine pants, whether blue, white or any other color. We analyze from types of garments, colors, prints, shoes, coats, accessories and different complements to bring you ideas to create fabulous looks.

How to match pants: matching shirt and pants set

Colored pants can present a little complication when it comes to combining them with upper garments that are not exclusively black or white. That’s why we bring you original looks to combine your colored pants and get out of the classic boring combinations. We show you 5 original outfits with different types, cuts, textures, lengths of black, white, blue, red, gray pants, among others.

How to wear white pants for ladies

White pants are a garment that is increasingly gaining a place in the female closet. And it offers many alternatives when it comes to combine it either during the day, at night, for a formal or informal event. White symbolizes health, purity and life. Whoever wears it transmits confidence. Nowadays white pants is one of the trends that does not understand seasons. It is used both in summer and winter.

Combine white pants to achieve many unique looks!

The good thing about combining white pants is that, in general terms, you can use them with the vast majority of colors and their ranges. Always keep in mind to combine it with the colors that best suit your skin type; so if you have a warmer skin tone you can opt for colors like red, beige, brown, brown, green. On the other hand, if your skin tone is cold, opt for black, blue, gray, violet, fuchsia in rather bright shades.

White pants offer a lot of versatility when it comes to wearing them, since you can adapt them to any situation and time of the day.

How can I combine white pants with those trends worldwide? Here are some options that you can’t miss when thinking about your most original looks.

outfit para pantalon blanco

Outfit with white pants and white t-shirt

This is one of the trends that has been all the rage in recent years. It consists of wearing both garments (bottom and top) in white. Depending on the type of garments you choose to combine with the white pants you will tend to a more formal or informal look. In this case we chose to show you an outfit for your weekends and with garments that you surely have in your closet, since they are basic garments. A white t-shirt and white sneakers. Play and have fun choosing the accessories that can go from a shoulder bag to a pair of glasses to complete your look. In case you require more formality choose a white shirt, sandals or stilettos in the color of your choice, including prints and textures.

combinar pantalon blanco
outfit para pantalon blanco

Outfit with white pants and leather jacket

For a rocker style nothing better than a black leather jacket. It is an ideal outfit for a lunch with friends or an outing to the movies. For a night out we suggest adding a pair of low boots or mules in black or printed.

On this occasion you can also use a variety of accessories. An XL handbag and a colorful scarf are our suggestions. If you are going to use accessories, preferably silver ones.

como combinar pantalon blanco outfit
outfit con pantalon blanco

Outfit with white pants and jean shirt

The combination of white pants with a jean shirt is an all-time classic. The shirt can be of a lighter shade of denim or it can also be darker. What should prevail in this outfit are the accessories in nude or brown tones. The perfect accessories are a leather belt and a handbag. On the feet you can use stilettos, sandals or boots in the same shades. This look is ideal for your weekend outings.

outfit con pantalon blanco
como combinar pantalon blanco outfit

Outfit with white pants and gray sweater

Combining white pants with a gray sweater is one of the best options for winter days. This combination is very feminine and elegant. It allows you to be very simple, but sophisticated at the same time. To make your outfit a 10, add some boots with ankle boots to leave it uncovered, giving your style a cool touch. Finally, complete this look with camel accessories to continue on the path of soft tones.

pantalon blanco outfit

Outfit with white pants and gray jacket

Wear a gray jacket outfit with white pants, which together make an explosive duo. You can not only choose it for your leisure outings but also for your working days. Your outfit is built with a basic white silk t-shirt, sandals (can be mules or stilettos) and a small purse. For the accessories it is advisable that they are black so that the blazer is the protagonist.

Shoes to wear with white pants

When we choose a type of shoe to combine with white pants we must consider the season of the year, the other garments of the outfit, the accessories we will use and the event or occasion to which we will attend. That is why we bring you a collection of the most classic and functional shoes to make your look with white pants a total success.

With white pants cut and to the body opt for black stilettos. An elegant and sophisticated look to go to work.  

For a white monochrome look and for the coldest days of the year, beige boots are your best choice.

Use nude stilettos when your outfit is very colorful on top or you want to convey femininity.

For a white pants with a wide sleeve boot an excellent option is the black sandals with platform, an ideal and successful combination for your weekend outings.

If you are one of those who like to be comfortable at all times you can combine white pants with black ballerinas and wear them everywhere.

Best clothes to wear with white pants

We show you different and unique garments with which you can combine white pants. They are very simple examples that we hope will inspire you to achieve a special outfit with white pants for any time of the day.


For a fresh and youthful look, nothing better than combining white with white, but to add a touch of color opt for a striped white shirt and combine it with a purse of the same color.


For your office looks, feel cute, smart and professional with a striped blouse with collar and ruffles, the latest in fashion.


When you want a casual outfit with white pants, choose a light blue t-shirt with white stripes and ruffles at the ends so you can wear it on your weekend outings.


Combining white pants with a blue lace top allows you to wear it both for daytime with low sandals or for an evening outing with nude stilettos.

How to wear black pants for ladies

The color black represents formality and sophistication. Black pants bring us seriousness in the work environment and a wildcard when thinking about our weekend looks. It is a basic garment in any closet, which allows you to combine it easily with any color.

What to wear with black pants

It is the classic color of all pants, very versatile when we think of different situations or events of the day to day. A basic that knows no age and adapts perfectly to all of them, as well as to the different styles that we want to use.

It should be noted that it is essential that it is made of a suitable fabric to be able to use it in any season. Combine it with sweaters to be warm, with a leather jacket for a night and more casual style, or with the eternal blazer to look formal and elegant. How to combine black pants? With all shirts, t-shirts and blouses, without exception of colors or prints.

Although black pants offer many possible combinations, here are the looks that best suit them, so you can choose your outfit with black pants.

como combinar pantalon negro

Outfit with black pants and brown coat

A combination unthinkable some time ago, today is trendy. Your classic black pants combine it with a sweater of the same color, and to cut the sobriety characteristic of black add a brown cloth coat and low boots in the same color. To complement it, a camel color purse as a detail of the look. If you add accessories, make sure they are in gold.

pantalon negro como combinar

Outfit with black pants and white blouse

Wearing a white blouse with black dress pants will enhance your style in your night out. To complement this outfit in an elegant way, use high or low black stilettos plus a black envelope. This combination allows you to change the accessories to have different outfits for different situations or events, day or night. 

outfit para combinar pantalon negro

Outfit with black pants in a formal suit

Combine black dress pants with a black and white striped shirt, and an extra large handbag in dark colors, preferably black for a formal look. In accessories it is recommended that both earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or watches are delicate and simple to frame with the overall outfit. Finally, the best option for shoes in these cases are always the classic black stilettos.

como combinar pantalon negro

Outfit with black pants and colored printed blouse

Go for a look with vibrant colors to go with your black high rise pants. Be noticed with elegance and formality wherever you go. For this, use printed blouses in bright colors and colored shoes matching the upper garment of the outfit. In order not to divert attention, choose black for your handbag or purse. If accessories are used, they should be delicate and sparse so as not to overload the look.

outfit con pantalon negro

Outfit with black pants and sweater

Nothing better than an informal and casual total black outfit. It is one of the best combinations that brings sobriety and elegance. To conclude, the use of black pants with a sweater with black collar, must be accompanied by accessories in the same color, whether you use purse or backpack; stilettos or boots; belt, or glasses. Being one of the most versatile and easy to use outfits for any situation or event that you must attend, and you can achieve it with clothes that you can find in your closet.

How to wear blue pants for ladies

The color Blue or Navy Blue, transmits elegance, and undoubtedly this color shows intelligence, formality and freshness, it is a very versatile color and used in clothing, especially when we talk about pants.

Nowadays navy blue goes with the latest fashion icons, being used in its different tones and shades very well combined with many colors that add elegance and firmness in an outfit.

Outfits and Looks with navy blue pants

We bring you a gallery for you to see many looks and outfits on how to wear navy blue pants, it is important to focus attention on what colors combine the models with the blue pants and then compare the garments with the ones you have in your closet and you can generate these great outfits.

Find out how to match your navy blue pants

While it is easy to combine navy blue pants to combine offering a wide range of options, it can be used with blazers, jackets, sweaters, jackets and many other garments, allowing you to use it in both formal and informal outfits.

Next we will show you how to combine navy blue pants, and with which clothes and colors to combine them.

como combinar pantalon azul
outfit pantalon azul

Outfit with blue pants and white shirt

If you want to opt for a formal outfit, choose a combination of blue pants with a white blouse with buttons. For accessories, choose light pastel colors as much as possible, such as stilleto shoes or nude sandals, light colors like beige, silver, or light gray. Finish your outfit with envelopes, purses, or backpacks in pastel colors in different shades of blue, any color in the same range as blue but in different shades, go very well with navy blue.

como combinar pantalon azul marino
oufit para pantalon azul

Outfit with blue pants and beige blazer

Wearing a brown or beige blazer with navy blue dress pants will enhance your style for a Sunday outing with friends or a couple, pair this outfit with high or low heels, in dark colors of blue or black, use light blue and blue tones in your top garment for under the blazer, and accessories in similar tones to the blazer to complement.

outfit pantalon azul traje
outfit pantalon azul

Outfit with blue pants in a formal suit

How to combine a blue suit for a formal look, choosing a white or light-colored shirt, and accessories in light pastel colors, such as handbag or light blue, beige, nude, white envelope. It is worth using accessories such as earrings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches or glasses in shiny gold or silver frames, to contrast strongly with the overall outfit. Finish this style with shoes that show as much as possible the foot, stilletos or sandals with heels are your best option to finish this outfit.

outfit para pantalon azul
como combinar pantalon azul en outfit

Outfit con pantalón azul y tapado de color

Go for more, using a look with contrasting colors in the same outfit to draw attention with elegance and formality. Use dark red jackets and light colored shoes to divide the tones with the blue pants. Try to keep accessories in dark neutral colors such as black or gray, so as not to divert attention away from the other garments. 

como combinar pantalon azul
outfit para pantalones azules

Outfit with blue pants, t-shirt and jacket

For an informal and casual outfit, one of the best combinations is a white t-shirt on top, with a jacket on days that require a coat, trying that the upper garment is of a color related to the range of blue. The use of blue pants and white t-shirt allows you to play with patterns and prints on top, being one of the most versatile and easy to use outfits. Close with this outfit using shoes in dark colors leaving the foot as much as possible to be seen.

How to wear red pants for ladies

The color red expresses a sense of drive, vitality and desire. According to color psychology historians, it is recommended to use it when you want to elevate your personal energy.

Red is a trend in all the catwalks of the most recognized brands and designers in the world. We see it in many garments, shoes, accessories, accessories, undoubtedly for these and many more reasons, it is necessary to take into account the combination red pants.

Outfit whit red pants

Click on the image and visit our gallery of combinations with red pants.

How to match pants: Red

The red pants combinations is not an easy task, since it not only involves paying attention to the colors of the garments that will accompany it, but it is also necessary to take into consideration that textures and cuts will have these garments to form an outifit with its own imprint.

We bring you the most original ideas to combine red pants. Go ahead and choose the one that best suits your style.

outfit con pantalon rojo
outfit para pantalon rojo

Outfit red pants and leather jacket

One of the best options for your weekends is to combine red pants with a white t-shirt, it can be plain or printed, adding a black leather jacket. To complete this look, choose black accessories for the belt, bracelets and, of course, for the stilettos.  Instead you can play a little more with the animal print of your envelope or clutch, to generate combinations with red pants woman.

como combinar pantalon rojo outfit

Outfit with red pants and purple coat

If you like contrast, this combination is for you. Combine with red pants different shades of purple, a stronger and more intense one for the t-shirt, star of this season, and a softer lilac in your coat. White sneakers are a must in this look to give it more originality and a more relaxed air. Finally you can add a small white shoulder bag and white sunglasses to complete the outfit.

outfit pantalon rojo
outfit con pantalon rojo

Outfit with red pants and red shirt

For a formal event where you want to be the protagonist, a good option is to go for a total red look, such as combining a pair of red high-waist pants with a red blouse with wide sleeves. For a greater impact in your look, use red stilettos and complete your outfit with an original envelope of the same color. As the outfit itself is eye-catching, strip it of accessories or big accessories, the outfit is the protagonist.

como combinar pantalon color rojo
outfit de pantalon rojo

Outfit with red pants in a formal suit

An always elegant and sophisticated option for any formal occasion is the suit. It imposes seriousness and formality, where the fashion industry adapted and claimed it in many forms and different colors. The red color reflects notoriety, so you can adapt it with a black and white striped shirt, the shoe should be closed toe; as mules, stilettos or oxford. To make your outfit more meaningful add extra large accessories such as bracelets and earrings.

como combinar pantalon rojo
outfit combinar pantalon rojo

Outfit with red pants and blue shirt with polka dots

This combination of red pants with blue shirt with white polka dots gives a romantic look to the look. It is a very good choice for those days when you have to go to work, or when you have a meeting with your partner, family or friends. Your outfit is finished with silver colored stilettos and a medium size blue handbag. For accessories, use silver chain bracelets and a small and simple pendant around the neck to continue with the harmony of your style.

How to wear beige pants for ladies

El color Beige es perceptivo, acogedor y sensible según la psicología del color en la ropa, y por ende quién utilice este color será perceptivo de estás cualidades. El pantalón beige brinda muchas opciones para combinarlo con todas las prendas del guardarropa, como lo pueden ser tus camisas favoritas, una remera cómoda, un sweater en invierno, o una blusa para estar más sofisticada. Combinar un pantalón beige es una muy buena elección para tus looks de día, ofreciendo una alternativa más al jean.

How to match pants: Beige

The beige pants in all its cuts and styles; it is practical when it comes to combine it with t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, blazers, coats and play with colors and prints. Ideal for summer sandals. A very territorial color that will make your style has a certain charm.below we illustrate how to combine a beige pants, with the clothes you have on hand in your closet. Whether for your daily work, in the office or store, to take the kids to school, for your weekend getaway, for a meeting with friends, for a family meal or wherever you go.

como combinar pantalon color beige

Outfit with beige pants and blazer

Combine a beige pants with a blazer of the same color to add originality to the look if you add a white t-shirt and black sneakers. It is a simple and classic outfit to go to work. For accessories we opted for a thin and subtle silver bracelet. 

combinar pantalon beige

Outfit with beige pants and white shirt

This outfit is composed of a combination of camel colored pants with side pockets, a white shirt with long sleeves, in footwear, wedge sandals closed toe laced to the ankle; to complete the look a brown handbag and a white scarf with arabesques. 

como combinar pantalon beige

Outfit with beige pants and dark red shirt

Combine beige pants with a purple shirt for a formal and elegant look.  Finish this simple style with shoes that show off the foot as much as possible, such as stilettos; a small belt and a small purse in brown tones as accessories. To accessorize with circular earrings, a pendant and bracelets. With this outfit feel cute to go to the office.

outfit con pantalon beige

Outfit with beige pants and blue jacket

For the days you want to look cute and professional opt for a light beige slim fit pants. To which you can add a plain light blue shirt, with which to combine a blue jacket cut to the hip. Finishing this style, on the feet I chose a pair of brown low ankle boots. For the accessories a thin brown leather belt and a large military green handbag.

outfit pantalon beige

Outfit with beige pants and black t-shirt

For a practical and comfortable weekend look, we recommend the following: beige pants with wide sleeves and short boot-sleeves above the ankle, which we combine with a plain black T-shirt with short sleeves, a basic of our closet; a pair of platform sandals with black leather straps. For accessories, a black leather handbag and a long thin necklace to complete the look.

What shoes to wear with beige pants?

A la hora de elegir un tipo de zapato para combinar un pantalón beige, podemos destacar que las opciones son muchas y muy variadas. La elección dependerá del estilismo que quieras crear y las prendas con las que quieras combinar un pantalón beige. A continuación te enseñamos 5 zapatos clásicos y elegantes con los cuáles utilizarlo y generar un look magnifico con un pantalón beige.

Nude sandals are a classic in any look and wearing them with beige pants is no exception.

For a formal and at the same time original look, you can combine beige pants with white closed shoes.

Wear black sandals in an outfit for an evening event where elegance and formality are required.

A basic in any closet are the black stilettos which you can combine with beige pants to go to work.

If you are daring when it comes to choosing your looks, go for printed stilettos, and this season you can’t miss the snake print.

Best clothes to wear with beige pants

We bring you iconic trendy garments with which to combine a gray pants in a unique way. They are different options that you can use both day and night, as to go to work, to a school meeting, a date or a weekend outing. And that in turn can go perfectly with any of the types of shoes that we saw above.


For an energetic look full of light and color, infallible for any occasion that brings a different touch to your style. A color that is very flattering to cold skins.


Create a classic and sober style by combining beige pants with a gray sweater, which will save you on winter days.


In a formal event, combine a pair of dark beige pants with a pale pink blouse, very profitable for dark skins.


At a formal event, combine dark beige pants with a pale pink blouse, very profitable for dark skins.

How to wear grey pants for ladies

Gray color reflects neutrality and respect. The gray pants give us a wide range of possibilities to combine it with all the clothes in our closet. It is a very good option to replace the black pants because it is formal and elegant in its darker tones and it is not so common combinations with gray pants.

Formal gray pants outfit

Undoubtedly gray is a formal color par excellence, its multiple combinations with sober colors and not so much with very bright colors make the outfit with gray pants have an inclination to the formal. Look for combining your formal gray pants with colors of the range of gray (different from the pants), such as black, white, dark and light gray.

Outfits whit grey pants

The gray pants in its wide range of shades, textures, weaves and cuts; is accessible when it comes to combine it with t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, blazers, coats and play with colors and prints.

A continuación 5 outfits para ilustrar cómo combinar un pantalón gris oscuro con las prendas que están de moda ésta temporada.

como combinar pantalon gris outfit
outfit para pantalon gris

Outfit with gray pants and white blazer

The gray rubberized pants is one of the latest trends in fashion. This original garment gives us many more options when thinking about an outing as a couple or with friends. Make a combination with gray rubberized pants with a white silk muscle shirt, in turn, above a white blazer cut to the hip. For accessories, we opted for a thin and subtle black belt. For shoes, preferably black closed toe shoes.

outfit combinar pantalon gris
como combinar pantalon gris outfit

Outfit with gray pants and white shirt

Combining gray pants with a loose white shirt is always an effective look for any occasion. The gray pants, oxford, cut to the ankle and high waist; combine them with a loose white shirt. For more sophistication and originality in your outfit add a mini purse and sandals that combine black and a print like animal print.

pantalon gris
prendas para pantalon gris

Outfit with gray pants and jacket

Wear a grey prince of wales suit with a black t-shirt for a formal and elegant look. Finish this simple but strong style with shoes that show as much as possible the foot, stilletos or ballerinas, which undoubtedly will be your best option to complete this outfit.

como combinar pantalon gris
outfit con pantalon gris

Outfit with gray pants and sweater

Go for the combination of neon and bright gray pants. This outfit is original and trendy, so use it in occasions where you need to look with a unique style. Pair it with a black leather envelope and metallic gray sandals.

outfit con pantalon gris
outfit para combiinar pantalon gris

Outfit with gray pants and pink coat

For a totally delicate and romantic look, we suggest you to combine the gray jeans with a sweater of the same color, as well as the shoes. The color detail is conferred by a pink cloth coat. For accessories, a black leather shoulder bag and a scarf or pashmina around the neck in shades of white and gray. Accessories such as bracelets, rings and earrings complete the outfit.

With which shoes to wear gray pants?

Many women after buying a gray pants wonder with what colors of shoes can be combined, no doubt it is one of the easiest to combine, being easy to use with any type of shoe and color, but it is very important to combine these garments in the best way to choose the right outfit for every occasion.


Beige shoes are your best ally to combine with gray pants, as they give the optical illusion nude, and combine perfectly stylizing very well the feet.


If your pants are formal and dressy, you can increase the attention of whoever sees you by wearing red shoes, the riskiest option but the one that will attract the most attention.


As in the beige shoes, the feeling of nudity in the feet will apply beauty and style to the lower part of your outfit, use shoes that uncover the foot in the best way.


Undoubtedly the easiest combination to achieve is the gray pants with black shoes, being the most versatile in terms of types of shoes and types of pants.


Take even more of a risk with a mix between elegance and attraction by choosing a metallic color for your shoes when wearing gray pants.

Best clothes to wear with gray pants

We bring you combinations for you to know the best allies of gray pants when creating an outfit, any of the combinations for gray pants that you see below will make you look amazing and very easy to use.



A perfect companion for gray pants is beige, use it in your shoes and in the upper garment, the best option being an open sweater.



The gray scale outfit can’t fail, the black and white blazer in contrast to the t-shirt you wear underneath will create an elegant look and very easy to combine.



Combining a garment of one color with others of the same color is no surprise, but the total gray outfit adds elegance and seriousness for work events or meetings.



Large white sweaters as a top garment is an infallible outfit for the spring and fall seasons, those seasons that do not require large coats.

How to use green pants for ladies

Green is a color related to nature, which according to the psychology of color transmits tranquility. The person who wears it in his dress reflects tenacity and firmness in the ideas he transmits. Therefore, green pants allow us to show our dominance and high self-esteem. For more professional activities related to business, it is advisable to use it in darker tones. It is a very good option to use a colored pant that in turn allows me to use it with all the basic garments of my closet.

How to combine pants: Green

The military green pants are ideal for your casual looks since you can combine them with t-shirts, sweaters, jean jackets, sweatshirts, in different colors and prints.

Here are 5 outfits on how to combine military green pants with the simplest and most accessible garments, but also with those that bring originality to your style.

Outfit with army green pants and white t-shirt

For an informal and casual outfit combine military green pants with a white t-shirt that may have some inscription in letters or print; for accessories and accessories that are in light tones preferably pastel tones, as in the sandals. Finish your outfit with handbags also in pastel colors combined with any strong color of the same range as the pastel orange but in different shades, which will go very well with your outfit with military green pants.


Outfit with aqua green pants and jean jacket

To combine aqua green pants we suggest you to use them with those classic and basic garments that you surely have in your closet, such as a plain white t-shirt and a jacket or jean jacket. This look besides being very simple and easy to make, is very adaptable for your weekend outings. To complete this outfit we add two complements that are also very classic and simple, such as a silver belt and beige sandals. As an alternative we can replace the silver belt for a white or nude color; and for the sandals we can use ballerinas in the same color or white sneakers.


Outfit with green pants and orange sweater

For a look that stands out from the rest, choose to combine your wide green pants pleated at the waist with an orange sweater with wide sleeves and detail on the shoulders. Following the contrast of our outfit for the handbag use a bright light blue envelope. Finishing this style with pointed toe shoes that are stilletos or mules with or without heels, but respecting the color of the pants.


Outfit with military green pants and gray blouse

For those days or situations in which you want your look to be light and fresh, choose soft and comfortable fabrics, so that combining your military green pants is an option that you can use in any season of the year. For this, we chose an outfit with military green pants and a gray off-the-shoulder blouse. To which we accompany with beige sandals and bronze accessories.


Outfit with military green pants and striped t-shirt.

An informal look with military green pants is to combine it with a black and white striped t-shirt on top, with a jean jacket for those days in which a coat is required, the tone of the jean jacket should be as dark as possible. The use of these basic garments allows us to play with prints in footwear, being one of the favorites, the animal print. We opted for a pair of ballerinas with this timeless classic. Close with this outfit using accessories in gold tones both in bracelets and pendants.

What shoes to wear green pants with?

Here are 5 clear examples of types of shoes to combine with green pants. Options that you can use to go to work, to go out for a weekend, to be elegant at a formal event, or feel comfortable to accompany your children to school.

Combine your army green pants with brown moccasin shoes that you can wear in your day to day life and feel comfortable.

When you want originality, add beige high-heeled sandals to your casual outfit with military green cargo pants and create a unique style.

Use black stilettos for a formal work event to take the green pants to a more elegant level.

Pale pink stilettos paired with army green pants add a feminine touch to your look.

A classic of modern fashion are the white sneakers that you can obviously combine with a military green pants and wear this trend with great style.

Best clothes to wear with green pants

We show below 4 garments with which to combine a green pants in different situations of the day and always look original and authentic. Pay attention to our simple tips and combine them with original accessories as shown in the following images.


Military green cargo pants are one of the latest trends of the season, opt for a simple look by combining them with a white t-shirt and a classic jean jacket.


For rainy days, there is nothing better than combining military green pants with a nude trench coat, accompanied by simple accessories in earth tones.


To create a shock of color, combine bright green pants with a blouse in a complementary color, such as blue. Follow this same color line for accessories and accessories.


You can be simple and sophisticated at the same time by combining a military green coat with a white shirt and original and trendy accessories, as shown in the example image.

How to use light-blue pants for ladies

Light blue is a color that inspires confidence, kindness and tenderness. Therefore, when you want to achieve a more delicate and feminine look, opt for an outfit with light blue pants and choose carefully and subtly the garments with which you are going to combine it.

Outfits with light blue pants

Combining light blue pants for any occasion and time of the day is very easy if you follow the tips we give you below in 5 simple looks that you can implement with any garment that you surely have in your closet. 

Matching light blue pants

Click on the image and visit our light blue pants combination gallery.  


Outfit with light blue pants and t-shirt

Combine your light blue pants with a shirt in the same tone for a monochromatic look full of style.  This outfit is ideal for when you need to stylize your figure. To add a unique and personal touch combine it with white high-heeled sandals and a shoulder bag also in the same color to match. Finally you can combine light blue pants with delicate and subtle silver accessories.


Outfit light blue pants and white t-shirt

For a weekend outing I chose an outfit with light blue skinny pants combined with a wide white blouse. The type of shoes that best accompanies this look are sandals with wooden soles and green straps with golden bows. As a handbag, a small envelope with animal print print. To close the outfit opt for gold accessories, such as a watch.


Outfit with light blue pants and blazer

How to combine light blue pants with garments of the same color is very simple and elegant for when you need to attend a daytime event where you need formality in your style. For this reason, complement your light blue pants with a blouse and a blazer of the same color. For your feet are perfect nude sandals, which should never be missing as they look good with any of our looks. To give an original touch to the outfit I chose a pastel pink envelope purse that combines very well with the light blue pants.


Outfit with light blue pants and white shirt

Wear an outfit with light blue pants to the office, where you can combine it with a simple white shirt to give formality to the look. Reinforce your style with the print of the season, using it on your belt and handbag. As accessories choose a striking pendant and with body that falls on the white shirt. To finish we chose a pair of nude pointed toe boots that fit perfectly with our light blue oxford pants.


Outfit with light blue pants and black blouse

Achieve a delicate and feminine style using an outfit with light blue pants. On top opt for a black blouse with a detail such as a bow in the hip area, and on your feet a pair of high sandals in a deep blue color that complements very well. For the complements and accessories choose them following the same tonality of the color palette. ® - 2021