como vestir para una boda

Jeans with women's dress shoes

You have a wedding in a few days and you still don’t know what to wear, you look at many different looks but none of them convince you. In Tu Asesor de Moda we are going to give you simple tips so that your outfit gets all the attention.

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How to dress for a wedding if I am a man

It often happens that we have many doubts about how to dress for a wedding. The fundamental thing is to know the etiquette code of the party, the time of day and the place where the event will take place. With the conjunction of these three factors it will be easier for you to carry out this task.

How to dress for a casual wedding

The etiquette code for a casual wedding is roughly composed of dress pants with shirts, suits without ties and a lot of originality. Here as a wedding guest the important thing is that you can highlight your style and you can feel comfortable because that’s what it’s all about.


Just get a good shirt and a pair of pants, below we create a small selection of cheap products that you can get in Spain. 



men's casual wedding shirts


How to dress for an evening wedding

When you have to resort to an evening wedding you can use a semi-formal look, where you can choose seasonal colors and fabrics according to the temperature. For this, suits with or without a tie and formal shoes will go very well for this type of event. For warm days we recommend light or gray colors and fabrics such as linen; on the other hand for cold days, you can use dark colors, long overcoats avoiding black preferably.


How to dress for a beach wedding

Usually this type of wedding is used on warm days with pleasant temperatures to enjoy nature. Here we recommend to use for daytime beach weddings, linen suits or pants and shirts made of light and fresh fabrics. To add a personal and original touch it is a good occasion to wear a hat. If the wedding is at night, darker colors can be used. Avoid wearing open sandals, as they will look too informal.


Cómo vestir para una boda civil informal

In a civic wedding a casual look is usually used among the guests, so you can opt for dress pants in shades of brown, gray, blue or black, jeans as long as they are dark and plain shirts or subtle prints, you can choose to add a little style with a bracelet for men. Although there is no defined etiquette code for this type of event, it is important to be sober and elegant in our attire that goes beyond wearing a suit, but to be well presentable according to the special moment of the couple.


How to dress for a wedding without a suit man

Although the suit is a garment that expresses elegance, this is only the easy way out, there are many ways to create an outfit for a wedding without a suit. Avoiding the suit may not be so complicated, simply, when you need to dress elegant, opt for shoes and dress pants with a shirt on top. if the event is cold you can include a jacket, a sweater or even a leather jacket to the outfit. we bring you some examples of how to dress for a wedding without a suit.


How to dress for a wedding male guest

When you think about how to dress for a wedding as a guest, keep in mind that there is probably an etiquette code to which you must follow and apply, if not, ask the bride and groom about how to dress so as not to clash with the look of the bride and groom, nor with the party, nor with the other guests. So depending on the event you can choose your outfit, we leave some examples to help you in your decision. 


you will probably want to capture the attention if you are asked to be elegant at a wedding. we have some recommendations on affordable or very good quality suits.



How to dress for an evening wedding Women

Women have many more options when it comes to choosing what to wear to a wedding, and at the same time, more possibilities for error. That is why it is important to know the wedding etiquette code to be able to choose the right outfit for the party. So you can choose between a jumpsuit, a short dress, a mid-length dress, a long dress, or a couture dress for black tie occasions. 
Beyond the dress code, another important factor is your body type when thinking about what to wear to a wedding. Here you should pay special attention to what is the narrowest part of your body, to highlight it, and the widest part of your body, to conceal it.
And a third important factor is to choose the color or shade of color that best matches the natural color of your skin.

vestido elegante invitada
invitada boda
outfit invitada boda
look invitada

How to dress for an evening wedding

There are many options when choosing an outfit for a civil wedding. Among the most outstanding are the monochrome suits, short dresses, midi skirts and jumpsuits, as well as the classic set of blouse and pants. The important thing is that you feel comfortable CHOOSING CLOTHES, shoes and accessories WITH STYLE adaptable to you, your personality, your tastes, your way of being. 

civil invitada mujer
como vestir para un civil con vestido
invitada de civil
invitada para boda de civil
vestido para civil mujer
vestido corto de invitada boda
invitada de boda
invitada civil

How to dress for an informal civil wedding

being the guest of an informal black tie wedding does not mean that you should give up elegance and sophistication, but apply it in simpler garments but with a lot of visual impact, either in color, texture, design, pattern of the garment, as in the accessories. Opt for a fresh and natural styling, focusing the power in the accessories.

invitada de boda informal
vestido para boda informal
como vestirse para una boda informal mujer
como vestir para una boda informal mujer
vestido informal invitada boda
boda informal look invitada
outfit invitada boda
look mujer informal para boda

How to dress for a beach wedding

Choosing the ideal dress for a beach wedding seems not to be an easy task, so we bring you some little tips for you to implement in your outfit and you just have to have fun. The first thing we will focus on is the footwear, choose a pair of comfortable shoes that will adapt to the terrain. As for the dress, opt for a fresh, flowing and voluminous fabric, opt for plunging necklines and long skirts. As for the hairstyle, opt for a relaxed and half updo. 

look de boda en playa invitada
como vestir para una boda en la playa mujer
outfit invitada de boda en playa
look invitada de boda en la playa
look de playa invitada
mujer invitada a boda en playa look
invitada boda en la playa
invitada a boda en playa